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Make a statement with your custom letterpress business card

I have learned three valuable lessons in life that you should never do and they are as follows:

  1. Never try to cut your own hair.
  2. When you are doing your taxes with an online program like Turbo Tax, never just put a zero in a box you don’t understand.
  3. Never give someone a flimsy, generic business card after you explain all the great things you or your company are doing.

Most business cards are horrific and I never understand why people are content with using them. Custom letterpress business cards are hard to miss and rarely forgotten. We offer a variety of ink colors, paper, and style options. You can either give us your own designs, or we can design it for you. If you don’t have a design, but more of a vision, then we want to hear it!

Need business cards?

Letterpress Business Card Pricing

Are our cards more expensive than Vistaprints’? Yes, but this is one of the rare times when you will actually notice the price per quality difference. Pricing depends on a couple factors (Number of cards needed, design, paper type, number of colors). If you have your own design and would like us to print your cards we start out at $380 for 250 business cards, but get much cheaper with the greater number of quantity. If you need a custom design completed then we do have a $200 design fee which includes three rounds of revisions. If you have you own design, but need a business card layout we can help. Our design layout fee is $30 for three rounds then $10 per round. You can send us your design and let us review it and we will give you our thoughts. In some cases if they layout is simple or easy, we can easily make the changes and send over for no additional cost.

Note: Every custom order requires us to create a printing plate for each color. We will keep your plate on file which can be used for later orders and will bring your reorder price down.

118lb Cotton Paper (Thick)

Quantity1 Color, 1 Side2 Colors, 1 Side

220lb Cotton Paper (Thickest)

Quantity1 Color, 1 Side2 Colors, 1 Side1 Front, 1 Back2 Front, 1 Back

A few notes:

  • We can paint the sides of any business cards. The cost depends on the number of cards that need painted.
  • Blind embossing which consist of an impression with out any ink is considered the same as a ink color.
  • The prices above are estimates only, depending on the design and specifics the prices can be lower.
  • If you are a business looking to get more then one set completed, please let us know and we can offer a group discount.

If you would like to request a quote, please send us a message!