5 Tips for Helping Customers Find Your DC Business

Looking for some creative ways to reach new customers for your Washington DC business?

On this page, we’ll give you five online marketing tips to help your business attract more customers and earn more revenue online.

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1. Use search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO refers to a number of strategies designed to help your business rank higher in search results for keywords and phrases related to your business.

This is extremely important since the top three search spots receive the majority of clicks.

When your business ranks in top result spots, you’ll receive more clicks, web traffic, and customers.

So how can you get the most out of your SEO strategy?

Select the right keywords

The most important part of the SEO process is picking the right keywords.

Keyword research tools like Ubersuggest and Keyword Tool will allow you to select keywords that will interest potential customers. Then, you can incorporate those keywords in strategic places on your website like your URL, page titles, and site content.

This will help your site appear in online searches related to those keywords.

Link building

Link building is another important aspect of SEO, and the number and quality of links you earn to your website can help boost your rankings in search results.

Backlinks indicate the validity of your content. If you have great content and other credible sites link to it, the value of your website will increase. On the other hand, if few websites link to your site, you won’t be viewed as being as credible.

When search engines view your website as more valuable, you’ll have a better chance of increasing your rankings.

Technical SEO

There are also technical aspects of your website that play a role in your search rankings.

One of these is page load speed. Users want a fast-loading webpage. If your web page loads too slow, visitors will leave your page quickly.

Another aspect is usability/friendliness. You need a website that is user-friendly and easy to use. If your website is difficult to use, users will leave your page, sending negative signals to search engines.

Other things like meta tags, image optimization, and navigation affect your website’s rankings. Overall, you want to make sure you have a website that is running smoothly and easy to use.

Optimizing the technical aspects of your site will keep users on your website longer and increase your rankings in search results.

Desktop computer

2. Create your Google My Business account

With Google My Business, you can claim your free business listings that appear in search results when people search for your companies like yours online.

These listings, like the Smithsonian Institution example, contain valuable information for consumers. They include your address, contact information, and hours of operation in addition to key information about your business.Smithsonian Institution listing

This is an opportunity for your business to advertise for free. You can include pictures and content posts. These listings should also link back to your website in order to drive traffic to it.

Users are able to find your business easily through this tool. If you own an HVAC company, people can find your business by typing “HVAC company near me” or “HVAC company near Washington DC.”

Your business will appear with other competitors, so providing the most information, pictures, and content will encourage people to choose your business over another. You want to provide consumers with as much information as possible so they feel more informed.

People can also leave reviews of your business that appear with your listing. These can help other consumers decide to choose your business if they see positive reviews.

People can also leave negative reviews, but Google My Business allows you to respond to reviews. With Google My Business, you can address any negative comments and thank people for positive comments.

Google My Business is an essential tool for helping people find your business. You can get valuable leads through your listing and drive these potential customers back to your website.

3. Create pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements

PPC advertisements are paid ads that appear at the top of search results (and on social media pages). They are attached to keywords that will trigger your ad to appear. When users type in those keywords, the advertisements appear above the organic search results.

PPC works on a bidding system. You have to bid against your competition for the top spot. If your bid is among the highest, your ad will appear above organic listings in search results.

With PPC, you will only pay for the ad when people click on it. And you can set a maximum bid, so you’ll never spend more than your budget.

In addition, PPC is a great method to use in conjunction with SEO. While SEO takes several months before you see results, PPC can start driving relevant traffic to your site the minute your ads go live. This means that PPC can help you maintain a presence in search results while you establish organic rankings with SEO.

4. Create Content

Content is a great way to draw people into your business. You can create blogs, videos, and infographics to generate interest in your business.

The key to content is that it is you provide helpful information to your visitors.

This helpful content will drive people to your business. You can post how-to videos, blogs with tips, or interesting graphics. People will search for these kinds of things and come across your website.

They may not convert to customers right away, but they will remember your business. When they need services like yours, they will turn to your business rather than the competition.

Why? You provided the helpful information.

Creating content builds trust with your consumers and validates that you are good at what you do. Consumers want to feel confident that they are picking a good business. Content is a way to show them that your business is an authority in your field.

Content creation is very effective for SEO too. In fact, 72% of marketers say that content creation is the best way to boost SEO rankings. You will not only build confidence with your potential consumers, but you will also give them a better chance at finding your business.

5. Social media

Social media is a great opportunity for your business to reach consumers since 81% of Americans have a social media profile.

You can use social media to reach out to your consumers. Some of the best sites to use include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

These sites allow you to post content. You can post updates, links to blogs, or pictures. Through your social media posts, you can also direct users to visit your site for more information.

Social media is a great tool because it makes your content shareable. These platforms are designed to make sharing easy. Your content can reach more people through the use of social media.

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