Letterpress Printing Prices

We print more then just our own work. A lot of designers use our team to print out their products. We can print anything from 1 to 5,000. We do all printing, and platemaking in house.

We love independent designers who are looking for quality letterpress printers to do their work.

We can print almost anything for anyone, so please feel free to inquire. Some of our more popular request are:

  • Wedding invitation designers who want to add letterpress services to their clients.
  • Individuals who have a design of their own or from a designer that they need printed.
  • Design firms who want to give their clients personal stationery, or business cards
  • Independent designers who are looking to get their work sold in stores. Its very common for designers to send off their work to get printed. This allows them more creative time.
  • Paper nerds who love letterpress.
  • Laser cutting (belly bands, boxes, etc) We have a 60watt laser.

If you have a project, or need a quote, please send an email with your project information and design design files if they are ready! We will give you a custom quote right away!

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