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OCP Website Care Packages

Your website is important, let us keep it safe

Whether you’re selling online, converting visitors into paying customers, or increasing your brand visibility, your website is the only place where attention is entirely placed on you.

It goes without saying then that any inconsistency or downtime your site experiences is time that customers will seek out alternatives from your competitors, directly affecting your bottom line.



Isn’t it cheaper to just DIY it?

In an age of increased internet hacking, near constant security and software updates, and the ever expanding standards of the modern web, simply crossing your fingers and sticking your site on the cheapest hosting platform available is a sure fire way to get hacked, have unexpected downtime, or watch your site slowly become obsolete as web infrastructure upgrades around it.

Additionally, DIY’ing maintenance can be tedious and time consuming, and wouldn’t you rather be doing the actual work of your business?


What we offer

Our Maintenance and Security packages are not just web hosting packages. All levels of our packages offer the following:

  • Daily site backups, so if your site gets hacked or goes down unexpectedly we have a copy ready to replace it saved from the previous day.
  • All monthly software updates, which ensures no code will break and your site can maintain the continual upgrading standards of the web.
  • Minute-by-minute uptime monitoring, so if your site goes down one minute, we are alerted and fixing the issue by the next minute.
  • Secure Hosting on WP Engine, the world’s premiere WordPress hosting service.
  • Ticketed support requests through [ ??? ]
  • At minimum 1 hour of code and content fixes a month

All of the above services are available at only $100 a month!

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